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Who Am I?

I am the Founder + Lead Professional Organizer of Lavender Organizes.

My name is Chinamelum, it’s a Nigerian name, it means “God Has Done It For Me”.

Believe it or not, I am far from what one would identify as a religious person. I go by Lavender, I just want to say, I believe that life molds you by what you go through as a person. 

I have decided to be positive with my journey of life thus far and all that’s led up to who I am today.

My friends would tell you that I am a personable person, I am calm, compassionate. I am a Virgo; by nature I am detailed and very organized. 

I have always been extremely organized. I am not afraid to speak my mind whatever the circumstances maybe. 

I make my bed every day. I love to travel; I’ve traveled to 5 of the 7 continents.

I am a Book girl, I love to read nonfiction books, I am a writer and an author of my very first book called “Mangoes in the Rain”. It’s available at the Fairfax county Library’s, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. 

I love the water, meditating and riding my bike during the summer time, when I am not reading or at the beach. I am literally turning cluttered environments into calming spaces.

Lavender Organizes vision is to Create Global Calmness through Organization. 

I find it amazing that I can use my talents to help other people struggling with disorganization. 

Lavender Organizes is based in Alexandria, Virginia and works in all neighboring cities such as Arlington, Falls Church and Fairfax Virginia; including Washington D.C.



I’m a professional organizer! I love to organize and create a function, simple organizing environment for my clients and myself!

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